About Us

Bonnie Lichtman

As the Founder and CEO of Two By Two Tutoring, Bonnie is an established leader in providing focused, individualized attention to help youth develop basic skills leading to academic success. Bonnie was previously the Director of Two Together, the program that Two By Two Tutoring is modeled after.


Phone: 646-820-2709

Our Students:

We serve a diverse population of students who come from all five boroughs. Students who score below grade level in reading and/or math, or have other learning needs, are eligible to participate. The age range spans 2nd to 12th  grade. Referrals come from schools, community agencies, parents and word-of-mouth.

Our Volunteer Tutors/Mentors:

Tutors/mentors are drawn primarily from the surrounding corporate community in lower Manhattan. The majority are young professionals who work in banks and financial institutions in the Wall Street area. Their backgrounds reflect the ethnic diversity of the city and that of the children with whom they work.

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Corporate partnerships and support

Your support will help to empower young people to reach their full potential.